Shoes Analysis
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Footwear is so important, it is the casing and foundation of our feet from the ground up. Our feet have the responsibility of carrying our body weight, so we need to treat them with the right support they require. They must be sturdy enough to be stable while we walk or run, and must be flexible enough to deal with changing terrain and activity.

At The Podiatry Clinic we provide consultations for footwear assessment. The assessment involves taking a history of your foot and leg concerns, previous footwear assessments and identifying areas of wear on your shoes. From this point, we provide a gait analysis both in shoes and barefoot, as well as a biomechanical assessment, and provide you with a list of shoe recommendations and retailers that would best suit your situation.


Footwear tips from a Podiatrist

  • Always shop for footwear at the end of the day
  • Get your feet measured for the correct width and length
  • Always fit for the larger foot, and the longest toe
  • Make sure to get a shoe with some form of fastening (laces, straps, velcro) - your feet will thank you!
  • If a shoe doesn't feel right... it doesn't feel right. That situation likely will not change. Do not buy under any circumstances
  • Check that the shoes sole flexes at the toes, and remains sturdy at the arch area and heel
  • A good shoe will have a nice firm heel counter to keep your foot stable
  • Opt for uppers such as leather or natural, breathable fibres
  • Check the torsion in the shoe, if you're able to roll them up like a towel in either direction they are too flexible and lack support
  • Be mindful of heel height - any height of greater than 2.5cm is associated with an increase in risk of falling

If you have custom made orthotics take them with you when you go shoe shopping

Proper footwear is an investment in your health!

The Podiatry Clinic can cater to your orthotic requirements. Our podiatrists offer prefabricated and custom made orthotics, plus we provide very useful information about orthotics themselves, how they work and the effects of them on your feet. Most importantly, our orthotics specialist will tell you if we think they are the right solution for you.